We dont potty train!

That’s right folks…you heard it here.  We don’t potty train and our kids aren’t in diapers in high school!

I cant tell you the amount of times I have read this very statement on so many parenting boards all over the internet…”you don’t want your high schooler in diapers do you?”.  In reference to 3 or 4 year olds still being in diapers.  Do you honestly have so little faith in your kids and their ability to be independent people that you think they would WANT to be 13 and still shitting their pants and making their parents wipe their butts?  I mean honestly…does that make sense to ANYONE?

I always knew my kids would use the potty when they were ready to…when it had some sort of value in their lives.  I let my Dad convince me once that my oldest NEEDED to be potty trained after he sent me this article he clipped out from the newspaper.  He was not even 3 at the time, and the article was about the 3 day potty training solution.  The basic premise is…you stick your kid on the pot and make them sit there until they go potty….then you do a dance and sing a song and make a HUGE deal about it.  You do this every hour until day 3 or so when they should be going on the potty on their own.  Sounds good right? Totally easy?  That kid sat on the pot….for 8 hours.  I am totally not kidding you.  He sat there and whined and cried…but DID NOT go potty even once.  He ate his breakfast, lunch and dinner there until finally i said enough is enough and put him back in a diaper…and what did he do?  Yup you guessed it.  Let everything go that he had been holding back all day.

That was the 1 and only time I would try to force the potty on my kids.  My older boys were almost 4 1/2 by the time they stopped using diapers and started using the potty.  Does it suck changing a diaper of a child that old?  Absolutely….but so did labor and breastfeeding and huge engorged breasts and I made it through that.  It wasn’t a gradual process.  One day they were in diapers…and the next day they wanted to use the potty.  There was no transition…no accidents…no nagging, reminding or dragging them into the bathroom.  They simply decided on  their own, for their own reason that NOW was the time to use the potty…and they did.

Is this method for everyone?  Nope…not everyone will have the fortitude to handle the diaper changing of an older child.  Does it work?  Well….I am 3 for 4, so I’ll let you know next year ;).


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