Yellow Squash + Banana

Yellow Squash + Banana (recommended for ages 8mo+)

Here is a unique and simple recipe for yummy homemade baby food. I like combining fruits and veggies and you’d be surprised how many combinations you can create using banana as a starting point. I enjoy making my own baby food so I can choose fresh and organic fruits and veggies.


1 large banana cut in half.

1 yellow squash

ground cinnamon (optional)


Cut banana in half and set aside.

Cook squash (steaming is preferable)

Once squash cools cut off ends and cut in half.

Throw the banana and squash in the food processor (or blender) a little bit of water if needed.

Viola! A yummy breakfast for your little one. I sprinkle a little fresh ground cinnamon on top. My little guy loves this combo!

This makes about (3) 2 oz servings.

Tip: If you add a couple drops of lemon juice before storing it should keep the banana from browning. Just freeze the leftovers.




  1. Heather P. -  January 14, 2012 - 6:01 pm

    I made that for my son! I made all of his baby food too. Bananas are a great combo fruit.

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