Your friendly neighborhood sex offender

One of the most startling moments that I recently had was when the owner of the local bait shop (where I have the twins weighed) showed me a printout of my new neighbor. Jed and I had been jokingly referring to him as “the squatter,” but when Julie showed us his mug shot and rap sheet that she printed off of this website, there was no more laughing.

Our brand new neighbor, the squatter, is a registered sex offender.

It was one of those moments that you realize that you have become a parent. Pervs no longer creep me out for my own sake. I think about my children and what this guy was convicted of. He was 18. Was the victim a 15 year old girl whose parents didn’t approve, or was she 6? Or was it a little boy? All of these things ran through my head.

We have been looking at property for some time, but my desire to move has definitely escalated. I don’t want to live in a trailer park forever and I don’t want to live next to a convicted and registered sex offender at all.

Check the website. Make sure that you know who your neighbors are. This is one of the most terrifying things that any parent will ever face.

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  1. Amanda M S -  June 8, 2012 - 10:50 am

    A lot of times the website with tell you the nature of the offense. For example it will say sexual assault 1st degree, public indecency,… ect. That will give you a better idea. I used to look this stuff up when I was in college to check out which apartments I’d want to live in. It’s been years but I know on the Michigan website it gave you broad description of the offense. I was less likely to be freaked out by someone who had a more minor offense compared to someone who just got off a 10 year prison sentence for molesting a kid.

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